High Frame Publicity, an advertising agency since 2010.

From the establishment of the firm to the present, we always want to give the customer the overall framework for the business so that he can receive everything in one place.
We provide advertising services for existing businesses and branding & advertising for new and starting businesses, or new brand for businesses that want to change their image.

Every business has a different need when it turns to receive an advertising or consulting solution. we are here to give our customers the maximum response.
Today, the advertising world has changed since it was 5 years ago, and the social networks have risen to the highest level of demand for advertising to the business, but before we turn to the social networks we want to know that the business has the right envelope and therefore we recommend working on branding, website and graphic design.

Then of course we will recommend advertising in digital media by business type.
We will provide the exact response for your business, an excellent segmentation to your target audience, we will recommend you to do PR and of course we will do it for you if necessary.
Every business needs different things. If necessary, we will recommend billboards, creating promotional videos and promoting on YouTube and other sites.

If your advertising budget is large enough, we’d like to make TV / radio campaigns for you. Most importantly, know that you have come to a warm home and that your business is as important to us as it is to you. Your success will also be our success.
We will give you the best business framework and everything in one office.
The vision of the firm since its establishment – to be the highest quality and highest advertising framework for our customers. High frame.
We look forward to making you a successful business, looking out for your business, and giving you tools to handle your new media and promotion.

Adriana Adi (CEO and Founder)